We want to provide more options and facilitate more effective connections. We believe that educators know their needs best, and Volunteers have varying assignments, time zones, communications, and schedules. This program allows short term or one-time connection requests along with traditional, longer term exchanges. PCVs can connect with more than one educator at a time and choose the most appropriate fit for their circumstances.

Educators complete a request describing their learners (age or grade, subject, etc.) and specifying:

  • Type of activity (see below)
  • Region and language (if other than English)
  • A desired date range or a single date – indicating if the date is flexible
  • A detailed description
  • The teacher’s email address

We post it on this site, then you browse available opportunities and respond directly to the educator via email to the requests you are able to fulfill. That’s right! It is all in your hands.

You can search for a type of activity by choosing a link under “Categories.” If, for example, if your local Internet isn’t strong or reliable enough to support a video chat, you can avoid any requests asking for a webchat. Maybe you teach in a school and want a yearlong pen pal classroom – you can find a teacher who is looking for the same. Every opportunity is tagged, so you can filter by age/grade level, sector, language, region, etc.

  • Web chat: An educator wants to speak directly to a PCV using a virtual platform such as Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts.
  • Writing Exchange: Educators who want a traditional pen pal letter exchange, blog exchange, or newsletter project.
  • Digital Mapping: Classrooms looking for PCVs who are using digital maps and want to contribute to their projects.
  • Content Sharing: Educators ask PCVs for photos, videos, or written content to supplement a lesson plan or teaching unit. Examples include media content to show daily life, celebrations, clothing, etc., in a specific country. Content could also be about a topic, such as photos of drought from around the world, videos of community members counting from one to ten in a local language, or a video tour of a school.
  • Other Request: Educators propose a project and connect with Volunteers who they are interested in working with.
  • Do not respond to a request unless you intend to follow through.
  • You are representing Peace Corps. If you connect with a teacher, be sure to represent your country of service in a professional and appropriate manner.
  • Do not provide detailed descriptions of where you live or disclose personal information. We do our best to vet educators and make sure they are legitimate, but if you ever feel uneasy about any interaction, email us immediately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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