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Freshwater Fisheries: Program Planning (M0001a)

Written by PC/Washington
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Rapid population growth and extensive damage from drought, earthquakes and other natural disasters have magnified the worldwide struggle for adequate food supplies. In those countries already hampered by extremely limited capital resources, that struggle is especially desperate. Optimum use of available natural resources is mandatory if starvation and malnutrition, and their attendant problems, are to be minimized. In many instances, development of a new "natural" resource may be advisable.

Introduction or expansion of intensive fishculture may be a viable solution to these problems. Intensive fishculture is the growing of fish, usually in ponds, for the purpose of producing a food crop and, It is hoped, a surplus that will bring capital to those sectors of society involved in fish farming. Local consumption of fish naturally will help alleviate dietary protein deficiencies.


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