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Practical Poultry Raising (M0011) (M0030) (M0034)

Written by PC/Washington
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Peace Corps Official

This manual is designed to provide development workers with the information and tools needed either to begin or to improve poultry production. For those who are inexperienced in poultry production, this manual can identify and provide the basic information needed to raise and market poultry successfully. More experienced poultry workers may find the manual sections on cultural considerations, nutrition, extension and additional resources useful for adapting their knowledge and skills to the conditions of a new environment. No matter what your previous level of poultry experience, you can help expand poultry production by helping farmers observe, question and find the gaps between actual and potential production, by suggesting improvements and by helping farmers evaluate the results.

Numerous sources were consulted in the preparation of this manual in order to make it useful for raining poultry under varying conditions.


Additional Info

  • Format: PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Washington
  • Language: English, French, Spanish
  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Type: Peace Corps Official
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