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Animal Traction (M0012)

Written by PC/Washington
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Peace Corps Official

This manual is a practical guide to the use of draft animals and animal-powered farm equipment. It is written primarily for use by Peace Corps Volunteers and agricultural extension personnel working in animal traction development programs, but it can be used by farmers who are teaching themselves to use these techniques.

While some of the information contained in the manual is specific to the extension of animalpowered agriculture in Africa, the principles explained and illustrated are fundamental: they are generally applicable wherever the method is being used or introduced.

In writing the manual, priority has been given to information which the author, reviewers, and editors feel will be valuable to a majority of Volunteers working in animal traction programs. A resource guide is included to help readers find information specific to areas of interest or need. It should be further noted that authorities do not always agree on the importance of given techniques or the effectiveness of certain methods. In some cases it has been necessary for the author to make recommendations based on his experience as an animal traction Volunteer and as a Volunteer trainer.


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  • Format: PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Washington
  • Language: English
  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Type: Peace Corps Official
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