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While a particular project may focus on only one or two of these sector competencies, the life skills and leadership topics relate to all aspects of life, including: succeeding in the workplace, fostering healthy living, and engaging with communities. With this manual, Volunteers leading a wide range of positive youth development activities in any sector can learn to integrate life and leadership skills training into their relationships with youth in their communities.

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There are three manuals in the Youth Livelihoods series: Employability, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship. All three of these courses are designed to be delivered by Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts worldwide who are helping young people develop knowledge, skills, and aptitudes for improving their employability, their financial literacy, and their economic independence.

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The Youth Entrepreneurship guide is the third resource in the Peace Corps' Youth Livelihoods series and is designed for Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts worldwide who are helping young people develop knowledge, skills, and aptitudes for improving their economic independence.

With the V2 Volunteerism initiative, the Peace Corps seeks to help Volunteers inspire and support host country volunteerism by integrating elements of service learning into community development work. This booklet will show you how to motivate and support communities to make service a common experience.

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This booklet introduces ideas, concepts, and examples that combine youth development and environment activities. It is written for interested youth, Peace Corps Volunteers, their counter- parts, Peace Corps staff, teachers, local or national government officials, parents, and community members. Much of the booklet's content was contributed by young people, Volunteers and Peace Corps staff and youth development workers.

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Dreaming, discovering, and growing is a life-long process. Volunteers can provide opportunities and serve as catalysts for this growth. Whether interacting with young women through schools, in communities, or in day-to-day exchanges, Volunteers have the potential to help girls change their lives for the better. This booklet provides a collection of ideas and activities from Volunteers around the world to be used as a resource in the valuable work of empowering young women.

This tip sheet provides practical strategies for Volunteers to help strengthen community support for youth; with tips on how community members can support positive youth development, key strategies for strengthening community support for youth, and additional youth development and support resources included.

The World Map Project celebrated its 25th year in 2013, and has taken another step toward making it easier for Peace Corps Volunteers to launch a project in their communities.

The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and the Peace Corps have compiled this resource guide that outlines international exchange and scholarship opportunities for a variety of audiences, including Peace Corps Volunteers and community members, students, and counterparts in the communities they serve, Peace Corps post staff, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs). Updated October 2019.

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