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Classroom Management Idea Book (M0088)

Written by PC/Washington
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This Idea Book is one of a series of booklets produced to share specific activities you may be interested in replicating. You are encouraged to submit your successful activities to this series. Other titles in the series are listed below, and new ones are being produced continously. All of these ideas come from the work of Volunteers. Most of them were submitted just as they are printed—there is no additional information. Others were parts of larger reports. To obtain copies of the Idea Books, contact Information Collection and Exchange (ICE).

As a Peace Corps Volunteer teacher, you are in a unique situation. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn and observe a new culture and introduce your own culture to others, you will also create—together with your students—a whole new classroom culture. This is exciting and inspiring! Whether or not you have previous teaching experience, teaching in a new culture requires thoughtful planning and adjustment. This Idea Book will help you approach your new classroom in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner.

This book was written in response to feedback from Volunteer teachers. They report that managing a classroom in a new cultural environment is a primary challenge. Many feel that the time spent dealing with classroom management issues detracts from the time spent actually teaching content. Sensitive and complicated questions, such as how to teach in a school that condones corporal punishment, surfaced frequently.

Volunteers and staff members from around the world were asked to submit ideas and suggestions. Here you will find practical strategies for dealing with the most commonly reported challenges. Suggestions range from how to develop useful classroom routines to more complex topics, such as assessing students fairly and effectively.


Additional Info

  • Format: E-Book, PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Washington
  • Language: English
  • Sector: Education
  • Type: Peace Corps Official
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