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Early Grade Reading Assessment Toolkit, Second Edition 2016

Written by U.S. Agency for International Development, RTI International
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The Early Grade Reasing Assessment (EGRA) toolkit is the product of ongoing collaboration among a large community of scholars, practitioners, government officials, and education development professionals to advance the cause of early reading assessment and acquisition among primary school children in low-income countries. Many of the countries in which Peace Corps works utilize this toolkit in their primary schools. This instrument reports on the foundation levels of student learning: recognizing letters of the alphabet, reading simple words, and understanding sentences and paragraphs. This toolkit can be used to identify instructional needs and intervene and monitor progress toward improving student learning outcomes.

In the interest of consolidating diverse experiences and developing a reasonably standardized approach to assessing children’s early reading acquisition, this toolkit serves as a guide for countries beginning to work with EGRA in such areas as local adaptation of the instrument, fieldwork, and analysis of results.

This toolkit is intended for use by Ministry or Department of Education staff, donor staff, practitioners, and professionals in the field of education development. The document, in 12 sections, seeks to summarize a large body of research in an accessible manner. The procedures described in this toolkit are to be used in all USAID-funded administrations of EGRA and, it is hoped, in all other EGRA administrations as well.


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