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Environmental Education in Schools: Creating a Program that Works (M0044)

Written by PC/Washington
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Environmental education is a process aimed at improving the quality of life by empowering people with the tools they need to solve and prevent environmental problems. Environmental education can help people gain the knowledge, skills, motivation, values, and commitment they'll need to manage the earth's resources sustainably and to take responsibility for maintaining environmental quality.

The Peace Corps, in recognizing the importance of environmental education and the necessity of providing comprehensive training and support, has taken the initiative to sponsor sound and effective environmental education programming around the world. Through workshops, materials development, and collaborative efforts with other agencies and organizations in the U.S. and abroad, Peace Corps is working to make environmental education an integral part of all of its programs-from small business to agriculture to health to forestry.

Our goal in writing this manual is to help Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and their counterparts working in schools develop strategies for creating effective environmental education programs. Whether you work with preschoolers or secondary students, rural or urban audiences, community-based education, or teacher training institutes, you can incorporate environmental education into your primary and secondary activities. And contrary to what many people think, environmental education is not tied solely to the science curriculum. It cuts across all subject areas, including business, economics, language arts, history, social studies, and the humanities. Although this manual focuses mainly on school-based environmental education, much of the information also applies to nonformal and community-based education programs.


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