The University of Michigan provides an in-depth account of energy flow through ecosystems.

This webpage provides a summary of keystone species, using elephants and their different habitats as an example.

National Geographic explains what a keystone species is and why they are vital to the well-being of ecosystems. Foundation species, umbrella species, and indicator species are briefly covered as well.

This webpage provides video lessons on general topics in ecology.

The Seed Site briefly goes over the conditions a seed needs to be successful, then talks about how seeds are spread. Pictures below the written statement link you to explanations of different seed dispersal methods.

The Forest Service provides up to date pollinator news and links that define pollination, explain plant pollination strategies and teach pollinator-friendly practices, to name a few.

David Suzuki overviews the life of a salmon and provides a new perspective on its status as a keystone species.

The video and companion guide discuss what all plants need: water, sun and space. In order for plants to move to new locations and resources, they have adapted to disperse their seeds.

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