Pioneering soil microbiologist, Dr. Elaine Ingham teaches us about "The Life in the Soil" in Part 3, "The Proper Biology."

The University of Michigan provides an in-depth account of energy flow through ecosystems.

This page from NASA provides a detailed description of the slow carbon cycle that covers 100-200 million years.

This page from NASA provides a detailed description of the fast carbon cycle that covers a living being's lifespan. This version of the carbon cycle is focused on its cycle through living beings.

This page from NASA provides facts about how the carbon cycle has been affected in the past by natural causes, and how it is being affected by humans today.

This page explains generally how food chains and food web works, and defines terms that relate to each. A section on biomaginification is also included. Nutrient cycles are also diagrammed and talked about.

The U.S. Geological Survey lists different definitions of biomagnification and also gives links of other resources on the subject.

The Extension Toxicology Network defines bioaccumulation, and includes some details on bioconcentration and biomagnification.

The Environmental Literacy Council diagrams and explains the Phosphorus cycle.

This website provides a diagram and overview of the nitrogen cycle and lists some anthropogenic changes in the nitrogen cycle.

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