Saturday, 19 September 2015 19:55

New Project Design and Management Workshop Training Manual (T0107) (T0127) (T0128)

Written by PC/Washington
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Peace Corps Official

The PDM Workshop builds on the philosophy and methodologies of community participation that most Volunteers begin to learn in pre-service training (PST) and continue to expand through in-service training (IST). Prior to the PDM workshop, most Volunteers will have been introduced to the importance of the men’s and women’s and girls’ and boys’ involvement in defining their own community’s realities. Some Volunteers and their Counterparts will already have experience in using participatory analysis tools, such as asset mapping and seasonal calendars, to assist their communities in identifying resources and setting priorities for future development and change.


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  • Format: E-Book, PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Washington
  • Language: English, French, Spanish
  • Type: Peace Corps Official
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