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The World Map Project Manual for PCVs (R0088)

Written by PC/Washington
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The World Map Project celebrated its 25th year in 2013, and has taken another step toward making it easier for Peace Corps Volunteers to launch a project in their communities.

The manual is designed to show Volunteers how to trace, label, and grid a world map. The simple method of enlarging taught in the book is useful beyond maps, and the resource is cross-referenced in several other publications, such as Adapting Environmental Education Materials (M0059] and the Classroom Management Idea Book (M0088).

The project has grown to include a wide range of murals, with HIV/AIDS being among many topics Volunteers approach with paint and brush in hand. It has also been used to facilitate teamwork with at-risk youth or those working toward conflict resolution. Many Volunteers speak English with their students while working on a map, while some have devised their own gridded maps for individual countries.

All Volunteers in Peru are asked to complete a World Map Project to help them integrate into the community. Many other Volunteers across the globe produce maps on the walls of schools, community centers, and government buildings, serving as testimony to the simplicity and durability of the maps. Since few rural schools have maps and many students leave school in their teens, some children never see a world map or have a true concept of the world that exists outside of their village, town, or community. The only way many can get and keep a map is to paint it on a wall, and this project helps those children gain a better understanding of the global community and important topics that can be easily shown on a map.


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