The Google Expeditions platform is a virtual reality platform built for the classroom, made even more breathtaking with Google Cardboad-- a virtual reality viewer that allows anyone with a smartphone to experience immersive, virtual reality in an afforable way.

This manual is intended to serve as a sourcebook for Volunteers and others to draw upon when implementing educational programs. The activities here are primarily organized according to subject matter, such as soil, water, trees, nature awareness, and ecology, with additional activities included under Service Learning Activities and Games.

This Idea Book provides Peace Corps Volunteers with classroom activities to practice English grammar that in general require little preparation time, few or no handouts, and limited class time to carry out the activity.

The Sector-Specific PACA Tool Booklet for Education is a supplement to the PACA Field Guide for Volunteers.

The Small Grants Example Projects tool is designed for Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts to inspire small grants projects by providing excellent examples of projects that were previously implemented across different regions and sectors.

This is an indispensible guide for planning, starting, supporting, and maintaining bookmobiles, taken from various presentations at the American Library Association annual conferences.

This webpage describes photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, and how they relate to global climate change. It also briefly explains how other greenhouse gases affect climate change.

This is a short film about education in a small Liberian village called, Flumpa. It asks several people about their views on issues relating to the education system in their country.

This is a list of definitions is to clarify the different type of Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) benchmark terms.

The aim of this toolkit is to encourage the use of sport in early childhood development (ECD). The toolkit includes step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and provides tools that can be adapted easily.

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