Find articles, videos, examples, and resources to help you set up and sustain a nontraditional library (like a seed library) and an innovative library (like a digital offline library).

This manual contains detailed instructions on setting up a library, covering classification, borrowing, fundraising, computers, and more.

A guide for libraries to develop their own leadership institutes with an international perspective.

This is an online handbook for those involved with organizing a Community Information Resource Center (CIRC). Volunteers who are working with their host communities to set up local resource centers or libraries may find this handbook useful.

This manual provides practical advice and ideas on managing a village library.

The purpose of these guidelines is to help public libraries in various countries throughout the world to implement high quality children’s services.

This brief manual offers programming and activity ideas as well as guidance on setting up a children's library.

Bringing Books to Life is a series of three short guides written for teachers and librarians working in schools and libraries in sub-Saharan Africa.

How to organize and replenish a primary school library: resources, organizing, checkout system and reading incentives.

The presentation details how to train a team of student librarians to manage the operation of the library—checking books in and out, restocking and tidying the shelves, helping younger students find a book at their reading level.

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