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Youth Camps Manual: GLOW and Other Leadership Camps (M0100)

Written by PC/Washington
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Camp GLOW has become one of the most common and recognizable Peace Corps activities throughout the world. Such camps explore many different themes, with leadership camps being the most popular. Thousands of young girls have bettered themselves and their communities through these camps. As with anything good, the model has continued to grow, adapt, and change depending on the place, the context, and the young people involved. Part 5 of this manual includes a complete Camp GLOW model. Many Volunteers and partners also implement boys’ leadership camps, realizing that it is just as important that young boys understand the influence of gender roles, have time and safe space to think about the type of men they would like to become, and get the opportunity to practice positive leadership in a supportive environment.

In many places, Volunteers and their partners focus on environmental topics or work readiness skills as they learn about the priorities of their communities. Other camps may address life skills or HIV/AIDS prevention, business skills, English immersion, or Technology 4 Development (T4D). Part 2 of this manual provides several examples of camp themes Peace Corps Volunteers and their partners have used, based on what they want to accomplish. No matter what type of camp you end up planning, it can still incorporate common themes of leadership, gender equality, life skills, or service. Determine the key outcomes you and your partners hope to achieve, and start your design process from there. Part 3 of this guide contains some common activities that can be incorporated into any type of camp. For camp samples, go to Part 2.


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  • Format: E-Book, PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Washington
  • Language: English
  • Sector: Youth in Development
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