This guidance document is designed for all Peace Corps Volunteers and staff and provides specific guidance around reporting activities under the Gender Equality/Let Girls Learn Cross-Sector Programming Priority (GenEq/LGL CSPP).

Advancing Women’s Leadership and Advocacy for AIDS Action is a four-year, Ford Foundation-funded initiative designed to equip and empower a cadre of women from around the world with the knowledge and skills to strengthen and lead the global response to AIDS. This manual presents a scaled-down adaptation of the training curriculum used in the project’s workshops.

In May 2015, Volunteers at Peace Corps/Swaziland organized the country's first-ever boys empowerment camp: Camp BRO (Boys Reaching Out). This resource provides the schedule that was used by Peace Corps/Swaziland when it hosted its 2015 Camp BRO.

This how-to video for Peace Corps staff and Volunteers demonstrates how to report Gender activities under the current 2017 GenEq/LGL CSPP (Gender Equality/Let Girls Learn Cross-Sector Programming Priority).

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