YouthPower, a youth initiative of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) focused on evidence based approaches to Positive Youth Development, now offers a compendium of youth development resources based on leading research.

In response to the persistent inequalities of women in farming despite decades of development assistance, Team Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security at Sida Headquarters (Sweden) initiated a thematic evaluation of how gender issues are tackled in Sida-supported agricultural programs.

This manual was developed by EngenderHealth and Promundo to support efforts for working with men and boys to reflect on and the role and impact of negative norms about masculinity, and transform those norms into more positive attitudes. It can be used to train facilitators who will implement workshop activities with groups of men.

This Handbook presents the "Integrating Gender Issues into Agricultural Value Chains" (INGIA-VC) approach. It was developed to bring together concepts from different technical areas in development, specifically gender, agriculture, microenterprise development, and value chains.

The purpose of this publication is to show how conservation agriculture can increase crop production while reducing erosion and reversing soil fertility decline, improving rural livelihoods and restoring the environment in developing countries.

The Population Reference Bureau informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment, and empowers them to use that information to advance the well-being of current and future generations.

A list of resources for girl-centered programming collected by FHI 360 before the 2013 e-forum on Girl-Centered Programming: What Are We Really Doing?.

The Leadership for Change program is a self-reflective, action-oriented, gender-aware program that improves leadership skills and equips women to drive social change within their communities and institutions.

These notes illustrate how sex, gender, identity, and sexual orientation are viewed in the Dominican context.

The Index is a significant innovation in its field and aims to increase understanding of the connections between women’s empowerment, food security, and agricultural growth. It measures the roles and extent of women’s engagement in the agriculture sector.

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