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Gender and Development: The CEDPA Training Manual Series (Volume III)

Written by The Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA)
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Staff Contribution

This training manual represents The Centre for Development and Population Activities' (CEDPA) experience in gender-focused training programs. It has been field-tested with partner organizations in the Caribbean, Egypt, India, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Niger, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Vietnam, and elsewhere. It is for use by trainers of program managers and development workers in the private and public sectors. Its purpose is to improve knowledge, attitudes, and skills in order to create gender-responsive institutions, policies, and programs.

This manual was developed in response to requests from participants in CEDPA’s Women in Management (WIM) and Institution Building (IB) programs for a curriculum to help them address gender issues. It offers a comprehensive, in-depth program designed to contribute to the achievement of gender equity in development projects and organizations and in societies as a whole.

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