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Participatory Analysis for Community Action (PACA) Training Manual (M0053)

Written by PC/Washington
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Peace Corps Official

Participatory analysis for community action (PACA) was developed to provide a set of gender-sensitive tools which could facilitate the implementation of this participatory development approach. It grew out of the many requests for materials which could address, simultaneously, the needs for tools to use in community development, urban and rural appraisal, gender and socioeconomic analysis, and other participatory methodologies. These materials, for the most part, are gender-sensitive adaptations of tools which have been used in PRA and rapid rural appraisal for many years.

However, PACA is not only about analysis and it is not about a development worker extracting information from a community to create her or his own idea of a project. Rather it is about building a partnership between the development worker and the community members, whether they are farmers, English students, extension agents, a mothers’ club, or a credit union membership. In the process of the joint development of information, analysis of its implications for the community, and planning for action, the community members and the Volunteer work together to ensure that the voices of women and men, girls and boys, are included in deciding how they will commit their most precious resources: their time, their energy, and their common future.


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