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Stories Without An Ending: An Adult Education Tool for Dialogue and Social Change

Written by Judi Aubel, The Grandmother Project - Change Through Culture
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The purpose of this guide is to help organizations involved in community programs to develop and use the Stories Without An Ending (SWE) approach. This adult education tool can be used to actively engage community groups in discussion of issues of priority concern to them and/or to development programs and to catalyze discussion of those ideas in the wider community. The generic SWE methodology can be used to address a variety of issues dealing with maternal and child health and nutrition, as well as other questions related to early childhood development, adolescent health and well-being, and child protection.

SWE are open ended, without prescribed or set solutions to the problematic situations they present. An important aspect of the SWE is that they elicit debate on both existing and new ideas within small group, which in turn can catalyze discussion in the wider community and can ultimately result in community-wide consensus for change.

This guide was funded by a TOPS small grant. This is the second tool The Grandmother Project has developed with TOPS. In 2015, The Grandmother Project developed Focus on Families and Culture: A Guide for Participatory Assessment on Maternal and Child Nutrition.


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