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Program H - Working with Young Men to Promote Health and Gender Equity

Written by Promundo, Ecos, Programa Papai, Salud y Género
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This manual is intended to support community based efforts to engage men and boys around harmful masculine norms that impact their health and well-being and underlie risk behaviors, including alcohol, substance abuse, and violence. The five sections were developed for health educators, teachers and other professionals or volunteers who work with, or want to work with, young men around issues including: a) Sexuality and Reproductive Health, b) Fatherhood and Caregiving, c) From Violence to Peaceful Coexistence, d) Reasons and Emotions, and e) Preventing and Living with HIV/AIDS. 

Each section includes fun, participatory activities lasting from 45 minutes to 2 hours planned for use in groups of young men, and which with some adaptations can be used with mixed-sex groups.


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  • Format: PDF
  • Authoring Organization: Other External Resource
  • Language: English
  • Sector: Health
  • Type: Staff Contribution

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