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Animation Skills (M0055) (M0060)

Written by PC/Washington
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The manual was written to be used by Peace Corps trainers who seek to train Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and other extensionists in the use of nonformal education and animation techniques-especially in guinea worm endemic countries. By using the manual, trainers will also instruct their students on guinea worm and its prevention. The manual is also to be used by Peace Corps Volunteers and extensionists to prepare animations for field activities.

The activities in the manual were designed for a literate group, but with simple adaptations and appropriate use of graphics, most activities can be used with low literacy and nonliterate groups, including children. The manual is developed to be used in West Africa.

Animation Skills (Not For Guinea Worm Only) was written for the ultimate purpose of providing Peace Corps Volunteers from all programming sectors with the ability to use nonformal education techniques. The manual is specifically tailored to instruct rural West Africans on guinea worm disease prevention, but the techniques presented can be adapted to any topic-thus the manual is "Not For Guinea Worm Only."

This manual is also to be the means through which these same Volunteers arc trained to employ nonformal education techniques and guinea worm disease prevention. Animation Skills (Not For Guinea Worm Only) is therefore an important resource to be used in Peace Corps pre-service and in-service trainings taking place in guinea worm endemic countries.

The manual is the result of three months of visits to five endemic countries in West Africa. During the visit, Peace Corps Staff met with more than 200 Volunteers from all program sectors and many of their Host-Country counterparts to establish priority needs and concerns for the cross sectoral training materials that would be developed for the manual. The materials were then field-tested by Volunteers in two countries.


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  • Format: PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Washington
  • Language: English, French
  • Sector: Health
  • Type: Peace Corps Official

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