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For Well Improvement: Protecting Open Wells

Written by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
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The purpose of the training workshop outlined in this guide is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed for assisting rural communities to organize and implement well improvement projects. The overall focus is on making shallow open wells more sanitary by making above ground improvements through constructing a headwall and an apron. The workshop does not deal with increasing the yield of the well or with installing a handpump. This guide is intended to be used by the trainer(s) who will conduct the workshop. It is not a guide for the participants, although it contains materials which will be handed out to them.

The workshop is intended for participants who work in rural areas with local communities who want to improve the sanitary conditions of their water supply. It is designed for individuals lacking the technical skills or knowledge needed to plan and construct well improvement projects, or for those who desire to practice, review, and refine their present level of knowledge and skill. At the end of the workshop participants should be able to implement successful village-based well improvement projects.

This training workshop is appropriate for project promoters, health workers, rural development specialists, and others involved in the promotion of improved water supply. They may be ministry staff members, extension workers, Peace Corps volunteers, or any individuals responsible for and interested in working to improve the quality of the community water supply.

The resource link below redirects to the IRC (formerly IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre) website.


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