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Cooperative Learning: A Response to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity

Written by U.S. Department of Education
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Essays on cooperative learning focus on the use of this strategy to address the special needs of linguistically and culturally diverse student groups in elementary and secondary education. The volume contains several essays on theory, principles, and techniques of cooperative learning and a series of model instructional units for a variety of grade levels and subject areas. These include:

  • "Cooperative Learning for Students from Diverse Language Backgrounds: An Introduction" (Daniel D. Holt)
  • "The Structural Approach to Cooperative Learning" (Spencer Kagan)
  • "Cooperative Learning and Second Language Acquisition" (Mary McGroarty)
  • "Principles of Cooperative Learning for Language and Content Gains" (Spencer Kagan, Mary McGroarty)
  • "Using Cooperative Learning at the Elementary Level" (Corine Madrid)
  • "Using Cooperative Learning at the Secondary Level" (Barbara Chips)
  • "Model Unit for K-1 Language Arts/Social Studies" (Carole Cooper, Angie Gilligan)
  • "Model Unit for Grades 2-3 Language Arts" (Sue Heredia-Arriaga, Sue Gonzales)
  • "Model Unit for Grade 4 Social Studies" (Sue Heredia-Arriaga, Mary Alvarez-Greeson)
  • "Model Unit for Secondary Level Intermediate ESL" (Carole Cromwell, Linda Sasser)
  • "Model Unit for Grade 10 History-Social Science" (Daniel D. Holt, Diane Wallace)

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