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Bemba Language Trainee Book

Written by PC/Zambia
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This is a training manual created for Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) to aid in learning the Bemba language. The manual will help trainees/Volunteers in their daily work and in their social interaction in the community.

Provided here are the basic structures that will allow trainees/Volunteers communicate in specific social settings. Outside study and practice is encouraged throughout the manual. Trainees/Volunteers using this manual should take every opportunity to listen, speak, read, and write in Bemba outside of the classroom.

In Zambia, there are many dialects of Bemba. This manual does not provide the details of each of these dialects; however, the manual does provide common dialectical words/phrases that may be heard in various regions of Zambia. The manual also provides standardized Bemba words/phrases that can be understood by speakers in all Provinces, in schools, and on the National Radio.


Additional Info

  • Format: PDF
  • Authoring Organization: PC/Zambia
  • Language: English, Bemba
  • Type: Staff Contribution

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