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There are three manuals in the Youth Livelihoods series: Employability, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship. All three of these courses are designed to be delivered by Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts worldwide who are helping young people develop knowledge, skills, and aptitudes for improving their financial literacy, their employability, and their economic independence.

The SBA Business Smart Toolkit is a ready-to-use workshop toolkit developed by the SBA. The workshop lays the groundwork for helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs launch a business idea and understand the steps to building a business that is credit ready. The information is laid out simply in three modules.

The Small Grants Example Projects tool is designed for Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts to inspire small grants projects by providing excellent examples of projects that were previously implemented across different regions and sectors.

This brief publication highlights why Equality Means Business, providing context for the "Women Empowerment Principles" initiative and outlining each of the Principles in more detail. Additionally, it highlights current business practices that advance the WEPs and companies’ goals, summarizes reporting tips to help any business get started on the path, provides facts and figures and defines gender terms.

This manual focuses on providing a set of criteria to ecotourism planners and managers at conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to facilitate decisions with respect to ecotourism management and development.

The Sector-Specific PACA Tool Booklet for Community Economic Development is a supplement to the PACA Field Guide for Volunteers.

The Institute for Integrated Rural Tourism works with communities and individuals to develop tourism systems in which rural people and rural life patterns form the foundation of the touristic experience.

The Business of Ecotourism Development and Management introduces strategies that ensure that tourism activities contribute to the conservation goals of a protected area.

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The PDM Workshop builds on the philosophy and methodologies of community participation that most Volunteers begin to learn in pre-service training (PST) and continue to expand through in-service training (IST).

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The Savings and Loan Association Guide is meant to assist Peace Corps Volunteers and community work partners who want to help their communities to start community-managed savings and loan associations. The Reference Guide provides an overview to methodology, as well as complete session plans, detailed meeting and recordkeeping procedures, and monitoring tools. It is meant to accompany an in-service training.

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