This Idea book concentrates on activities and strategies that increase girlsÂ’ access to and participation in quality in-school education. Volunteers are perceived as role models, technical specialists, teachers, coun- selors, heroes and friends. This book shares specific ideas and frameworks for transferring that potential for positive guidance into classrooms and communities around the world.

This Manual is a guide to the development of a program of instruction in English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Step-by-step procedures are outlined for assessing student needs, setting achievable goals, designing a program, and selecting - appropriate materials and activities for the classroom.

The Sector-Specific PACA Tool Booklet for Education is a supplement to the PACA Field Guide for Volunteers.

This book was written in response to feedback from Volunteer teachers. They report that managing a classroom in a new cultural environment is a primary challenge. Many feel that the time spent dealing with classroom management issues detracts from the time spent actually teaching content. Sensitive and complicated questions, such as how to teach in a school that condones corporal punishment, surfaced frequently.

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