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Peace Corps Official

This manual has been designed as a reference and technical information tool for use by community development workers and others interested in forestry and reforestation projects in the islands of the South Pacific. It is an attempt to present - in clear, non-technical language - background and "how to" information necessary for Peace Corps Volunteers and other forestry workers to understand the basic issues surrounding problems of deforestation and to initiate and plan local-level reforestation projects.

Peace Corps Official

For years, Peace Corps Volunteers have assisted communities to create and engage in a broad range of environmental education activities. Although the content and setting of each of these activities is different, the educational goal is the same: to help communities appreciate, protect, and sustain their natural surroundings.

Peace Corps Official

The Peace Corps, in recognizing the importance of environmental education and the necessity of providing comprehensive training and support, has taken the initiative to sponsor sound and effective environmental education programming around the world. Through workshops, materials development, and collaborative efforts with other agencies and organizations in the U.S. and abroad, Peace Corps is working to make environmental education an integral part of all of its programs-from small business to agriculture to health to forestry.

This manual is intended for use by development workers involved in the construction of wells to supply water to a local population for personal consumption.

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