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Peace Corps Grants Online (PCGO): Working Offline

Written by PC/Washington
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You are welcome to work on any portion of your grant application or completion report offline, by downloading an Excel document linked to the PCGO portal. This document is compatible in Mac or Windows operating systems, but you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to use it. Please follow the steps in the “Working on an Application Offline” Section of the PCGO Volunteer Guide, starting on page 32.

The Excel application form mirrors all of the same information in the online portal. It can be downloaded or uploaded at any time and your progress on the application will be transferred from the online portal to the Excel document and vice-versa. Please note that the more information you are transferring at the point of download or upload, the longer it will take. Download/Upload times can also be affected by your internet speed. Downloading the file with the maximum amount of data filled out may take around 8 minutes and uploading a file with the maximum amount of data may take around 5 minutes. Please be patient. If you are working with a slow connection, it is highly recommended to just fill out the minimum required application fields before downloading.

For uploading the application, you may upload the same document multiple times without downloading in between, but please note that any data in the budget, timeline, goals and objectives, and referrals grids that were previously uploaded will be duplicated if they are still in the document for subsequent uploads. Do not clear any data from the General and Narrative fields if you do not wish to remove the information you entered in those fields.

Each grant application or approved project will remain linked to the unique Excel file(s) downloaded for that particular record and any copies of the downloaded file. Any uploads of Excel documents linked to that grant/application record will replace or add to the information pertaining to that record. For this reason,

X DO NOT send an Excel application or completion report document that you downloaded from the portal for one of your own projects to another Volunteer for them to fill out their own grant application.

X DO NOT use an Excel template that you received from another Volunteer for your own application.

X DO NOT fill out an application for another grant using the same file that you downloaded for a previous grant.

If you are having difficulties uploading or downloading the application, please follow the troubleshooting steps in the document below. If you are unable to upload or download after trying the troubleshooting steps, your grant coordinator should be able to upload or download the document for you.


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