This tool assists Volunteers in determining how to manage funds for their grants appropriately, who should manage the funds (Volunteers and/or the community), and how to ensure that their grants build local capacity.

This presentation is an introduction to Peace Corps Grants Online (PCGO) for Peace Corps Volunteers.

The Small Grants Example Projects tool is designed for Peace Corps Volunteers and their counterparts to inspire small grants projects by providing excellent examples of projects that were previously implemented across different regions and sectors.

This tool provides Volunteers with three templates for Water Quality Assurance Plans required for small grants projects involving water provision. Volunteers will select which template best fits the type of project they are implementing.

This tool provides Volunteers with guidance on planning, implementing, and monitoring well projects to ensure water safety, security of the water supply, and other aspects necessary to implement a success well project.

This tool provides Volunteers with a concise guide to managing their funds during the project implementation phase, including procedures to ensure safety/security and financial accuracy/accountability. This document also includes all of the financial requirements for closing a grant.

This presentation provides guidance for how to raise awareness of PCPP projects that are currently fundraising online, how to use social media to help meet fundraising goals, and how to interact with donors before and after donations are made to projects.

This document provides brief guidelines for how PCVs can access external funding for their communities in the most appropriate and allowable way.

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